Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class for Parents – November 2019

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class for Parents – November 2019

Event Date: 2019-11-02 15:00:00


Benefits for You & Your Partner: Happy with confidence you've built in yourself & your partner Enjoy a safe, respected, & satisfying birth experience (regardless of how it unfolds) Relax into birthing time, knowing your partner can advocate effectively Confidence in your decision making ability  Navigate the birth process like a pro Secure in your knowledge of birth  Relieved to have identified, evaluated, & created clear preferences Security in having loads of practiced relaxation & comfort measures Trust in your partner care for & respond to your changing needs Benefit from your care provider's investment in your birth satisfaction Feeling empowered for what lies ahead Certain that you know all the right questions to ask & how to ask them Excited about your birthing time finally arriving Knowing you'll have no regrets – Priceless! How Classes Work for You: Learn Smarter Not Harder – An innovative hybrid format that meets the needs of today's expectant parents  6 sessions of comprehensive childbirth education/preparation  2 In-Person Classes and 4 Zoom Online Classes Taught by Lisa Collins, M.A., CD(DONA), Orlando's Evidence Based Birth® Instructor * Benefit from "Flipped Classroom" experience -Accommodates your learning style and busy schedules. Take your learning anywhere by viewing the dynamic video modules brought to you by Rebecca Dekker, PhD, founder of Evidence Based Birth®, divided into manageable weekly pieces, keeping you on track to get the most out of the 6 classes. Plus enjoy a little friendly competition – compete against your partner or as a team, earn points & redeem for prizes at the end! * 2 In-Person Classes – In the first and last class, get that community feel by meeting in a small group (6 couples max), where you'll dive deeper into vital information learned at home, interpret it for what it means to you, and put it into practice! Last class includes comfort measures rehearsal with bonus of bringing along one additional family member, friend or doula!  All enjoyed in a chill environment–don't worry, there won't be any "cringe-worthy" or graphic content!  * 4 Zoom Weekly Online Classes with your local instructor – Enjoy even more flexibility and convenience! Group consensus chooses the weekday evenings that will work best. Both you & your partner will have the ability to attend the group meetings virtually, from anywhere, on any laptop or mobile device. * Gain Personal Mentorship – Lisa Collins, a premier, professional and certified doula with a flare for fun, looks forward to being your mentor and guide every step of the way! Benefit from the knowledge she brings from routinely working in a variety of your area's maternity facilities. It's like getting doula care at a fraction of the cost. Get answers to the questions that matter to YOU! What You Will Learn in an Unbiased, No Judgment and Agenda-Free Environment: The stages of labor – There's so much more than the final pushing stage seen in movies! Differences between "routine care" and evidence based care What evidence based care really means and strategies to increase your odds of getting it Loads of comfort measures to help keep you comfortable in labor Risks & benefits of common interventions, procedures and protocols (ie inductions for "big baby", sweeping the membranes, epidurals, eye ointment and lots more) Develop and communicate preferences for birth, newborn's care, planned or unplanned Cesarean The real deal about your physical and emotional postpartum care  Respectful communication strategies for interacting with care providers Advocacy skills when necessary Bonus material on breastfeeding and newborn care  Your Community Needs You!BONUS! The happy consequence of you, the educated consumer, asking for and getting what you need at the health care level, will be the creation of vital change in your community's maternity culture, that quite frankly no other group could ever achieve alone (we've been trying!). Ultimately you will be improving birth for EVERYONE who comes after you, strengthening your entire community. Your help will result in empowered new families being born everyday! Class Schedule: Class 1 In Person – Saturday Nov. 2, 2019  10:30am – 12:30pm Enjoy the well-appointed & comfortable boardroom of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Class 2, 3. 4. & 5 Online Zoom for PC, MAC & Mobile Devices  -Held weekly on weekday evenings (days/times set by participants). Insures you will both be "present" – from home. work, or even while traveling  Class 6 In Person – Saturday Dec. 14, 2019  10:30am – 12:30pm Comfort Measures Rehearsal Ticket Packages (1 ticket per couple): Recently there have been some technical issues with online ticket purchases. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket please email organizer at  Bronze $350- Everything you need to know including workbook*, home assignments, dynamic video learning modules, total of 6 classes – 4 in person, 2 online Zoom classes, an invaluable labor rehearsal and 6 months access to the incomparable Evidence Based Birth® Library Silver $425- The Bronze package PLUS 1 private online Zoom session with your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Discuss your specific strengths & challenges as a team, fears, and the details of your birth, baby, and postpartum plans  Gold $495- The Bronze package PLUS 1 private in person session with your own Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Discuss your specific strengths & challenges as a team, fears, and the details of your birth, baby, & and postpartum plans Audit Ticket – Are you a professional or training in the birth field? There are only 2 spots per class for Auditing the entire class series. Please email me for details and availability *Any registrations made less than 2 weeks before event will receive an electronic version of workbook ​Inclusion Policy:Evidence Based Birth® is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for pregnant persons of any age, religion, race, sexual identity, or relationship status.Refund Policy:Your payment reserves a spot in the class and is non-refundable, but tickets are transferable with adequate notice and approval from Lisa.Questions:If you have questions, email me at

Second Harvest Food Bank
411 Mercy Drive
32805 Orlando
United States

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