Attract and Manifest Your Soulmate or Partner

Attract and Manifest Your Soulmate or Partner

Event Date: 2019-11-06 16:30:00


Being in a loving, caring, supportive relationship is one of the most fulfilling experiences we can have. Many people look for this.  With the proper understandings, tools, and facilitation it’s possible to create a state of internal alignment such that you will attract and receive the ‘perfect’ partner and relationship for you. Alessandrina, your facilitator and guide in this process, will help you clear, heal, and release any internal blockages and obstacles to attracting and manifesting the partner and relationship that you truly want and deserve. Alessandrina has been conducting workshops on attracting a soulmate or a committed relationship and has been facilitating men and women individually in that process for years.   Through this process not only will you receive the partner and relationship that you want most, you will also fall in love with yourself and with your life and clear, heal, and release past wounds that made it difficult for you to feel good and safe in relationships in the past. Through this process, you will build the foundation for a stable, loving, and committed relationship that can withstand the test of time and the challenging dynamics that we live in. As part of this process, you will explore: How to consciously define what you want most in a partner and why How to start behaving and feeling like your soulmate is already here with you now How to feel confident, empowered, lovable, and deserving in order to attract a great relationship How to be yourself and not have to play any mind games in order to attract and receive your partner How to let go of any feeling of loneliness or fear of not being in a relationship and societal pressures in that regard How to clear painful memories from past relationships that you might still be holding onto and from the model you received from your parents How to release any limiting beliefs about relationships that could be preventing you from attracting and receiving your soulmate How to manifest the relationship of your dreams For any questions or special requests, call or text 786-308-9552, or email us at For more information on Dexter and Alessandrina and our process of personal facilitation, please visit: If you would like to schedule your private session at another time than the time offered on Eventbrite, you can call or text us at 786-308-9552 or email us at For group workshops with Dexter and Alessandrina, visit We look forward to helping you heal, transform, and love yourself and your life in the way that you choose, and more and more every day so that you can manifest the relationship of your dreams. With love, DNA

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