Real Estate Investing for Entrepreneurs – South Florida

Real Estate Investing for Entrepreneurs – South Florida

Event Date: 2020-01-01 18:30:00


Welcome! Join us in Real Estate Investing presentation. Come and learn about our Real Estate Investing education service and learn how people are changing lives in our community by building long term security through investing in Real Estate! Are you ready to be financially secure? Learn Real Estate Investing and see how to receive residual income and become financially independent.  Please understand we are not a get rich quick, pie in the sky, or win the lottery operation!  We offer a proven method to become truly financially free by educating yourself and putting that knowledge into action.  Real Estate Investing is not easy, especially if you have not traveled that path recently.  Banks have different requirements, laws change, and profit margins disappear when you don't have the latest information. Knowledge is critical, money is important, and networking with the right people is necessary. We provide the information and join hands with a community of investors to show how it is done.  We work as a team, applaud each other success, sometimes collaborate on projects and learn how to structure the deal for more profit. We create successful Real Estate Investors and we can show success while learning the system. Do you want to be DEBT Free? Learn how to pay off your mortgage debt, student loans, car loan and other amortized debt in one third the time without changing your lifestyle or making extra payments. Sounds too good to be true? Come and see how it’s done and learn to do it yourself.  If you have been looking for a way to get into flipping houses, buy and hold, lease options, short sales, subject-to, wholesaling or another method of investing in real estate and you are looking to network, and collaborate with other real estate investors while getting valuable knowledge and experience, then come to this event.  All are welcome to attend! Register now!   

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Boca Raton
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