CE COURSE (2 hours) FOR REALTORS – “The Credit Score World”

CE COURSE (2 hours) FOR REALTORS – “The Credit Score World”

Event Date: 2019-11-12 10:30:00


*FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED* THIS IS A FREE 2-hour CE CREDIT EVENT OPEN TO REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS.  Liberty Credit Experts LLC looks forward to educating realtors on the credit world we live in as this is a vital aspect of our society and economy. Gabe Kutlin a credit strategist and CEO of Liberty Credit Experts has been able to educate realtors, loan officers, CPAS, teachers, credit repair companies and the general public on this subject matter. Liberty Credit Experts is excited to continue doing the same while giving realtors the opportunity to obtain 2 hours of continuing education. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Sylvia Perez (COO) at Liberty Credit Experts on 561-208-1105 (text or call).  Please make sure you can provide us with your real estate license number to apply your 2 hours of continuing education credit with the state of Florida.  Objectives for Session 1 – CREDIT, CREDIT SCORES, CREDIT SCORE RANGES Objectives for Session 2 – CREDIT & RISK, DATA FURNISHERS, CRAs, REPORTING LIFE CYLCE, FCRA Objectives for Session 3 – SCORE’S ANATOMY, DEROGATORY INFO, UTLIZATION RATIOS, REVL CREDIT Objectives for Session 4– SCORE’S ANATOMY, CREDIT HISTORY LENGTH, RATE SHOPPING, INQUIRIES BONUS – HOW TO INFLUENCE DTI AND UTILIZATION RATIOS WITH FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS We look forward to working with Nu World Title as we share the same vision that education is a vital part of any real estate career. The more educated we are the better we can help our clients achieve their goals.  COURSE DETAILS COURSE TITLE: " THE CREDIT SCORE WORLD" HOURS: 2  COURSE #: 0021694 COURSE TYPE: RC1  INSTRUCTOR: GABRIEL KUTLIN VENT PARTNER:  

Nu World Title
5881 NW 151st Street , #125
United States

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