Creating Financial Security- Without Unnecessary Risk, Fees or Exposure!

Creating Financial Security- Without Unnecessary Risk, Fees or Exposure!

Event Date: 2019-11-23 16:00:00


Will I run out of money when I’m retired? Am I paying unnecessary fees? How do I prevent losses from the next market crash? Join Us For A Free Educational Presentation And Book Launch Event! SEATING IS LIMITED, SO SIGN UP TODAY!  NO CHARGE TO ATTEND! (Registration is required for admission) Discover how to create Financial Security… –  Without Unnecessary Risk –  By Eliminating or Reducing Fees –  And Removing Wall Street Exposure Also being shared: – Why a 0% return could save your retirement! – How just a 1% fee could cost you 21% or more of your growth. – The DARK side of compound interest and why you might not recover from the next crash! About Mr Frank Riedel IV Frank Riedel IV is the President and Founder of Hurricane Financial Corporation, a company dedicated to bettering the financial lives of their clients and their client's families.Mr. Riedel is a Certified Estate Planner®, Wealth Strategist, Retirement Income Strategist, and Infinite Banking Concept® Authorized Practitioner. Fusing time-tested wealth building principles with personalized advice; Frank enjoys helping people become better educated in the areas of strategic wealth planning and retirement income planning. Frank works with clients in many states from coast to coast in various life stages. Widely considered an expert in areas such as Retirement Income Planning, Strategic Wealth Planning as well as other areas within the industry, Frank has also mentored and trained many financial professionals on these subjects over the years.  Frequently Asked Questions: Who is presenting this event?    Eric Kouvolo, Director of The Wealth Foundation Who is this event for?    The information presented can help those already retired, as well as anyone approaching retirement. Is there a “sales” pitch?    No, this event is strictly educational.

Belvedere Library
325 Belvedere Blvd
Boca Raton
United States

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