Knowledge Event: Yoga and Trauma II

Knowledge Event: Yoga and Trauma II

Event Date: 2020-02-29 18:00:00


Yoga and Trauma II February 29, 2020 @6pm   After a Knowledge Event Panel Discussion on Yoga and Trauma back in March, we got many request for a part 2, to continue diving more in depth into the topic and continue some of the conversations that came up. This topic is vast and not so easy to navigate so we thought it would be a good idea to give some more time and space for it to unfold and with the guidance of our special panel of experts. Come and listen or participate in this focused discussion + Q&A on how Yoga deals with trauma.Yoga is proven to aid, soothe and facilitate healing from all kinds of trauma small or large. But trauma is complex. How and why does it arise and what are the short and long term effect within us? How can yoga alleviate past trauma? Can yoga cause trauma? Are yoga teachers equipped to deal with trauma? Should you do yoga if you sit with a past experience of trauma?Join our panel of experts for an evening of knowledge sharing and thought provoking conversation over a cup of tea. Through community we can come together to support and learn from one another.   Fee: $10 THE PANEL Anne Hurley MA, LCPC, LCPAT, ATR-BC, RYT, Trauma Psychotherapist Ms. Hurley utilizes a trauma informed approach to psychotherapy and she has specialized in the fields of addictions, trauma, eating disorders, mindfulness, co -occurring disorders and grief counseling. She has a strong interest in the application of neuroscience and yoga in clinical practice and in her approach to treatment. Ms. Hurley’s current research and passion involve integrating psychotherapeutic techniques and healing with yoga asanas and on the mat. She is also a licensed Art Psychotherapist who uses art and movement to support healing and foster resiliency. She has traveled throughout Asia and Southeast studying meditation, yoga and mindfulness based practices. She is currently the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Gratitude House Foundation. Greg NardiE-RYT 500, owner of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide “Yoga is the way in which I make sense of my life. I practice to challenge myself to be a better person and to develop the strength to meet those challenges. I use the practice to nurture myself and draw on the strength it has provided to help me through difficult times. I practice to orient myself, so I can consciously act in ways that give my life peace and meaning.”Greg has dedicated himself to shifting power dynamics and developing a consent driven, student centered approach to the teaching and practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Greg believes in the healing power of yoga for all. His style of teaching assists students in finding the approach to the practice that is most beneficial for them.Greg’s classes and workshops draw on his experience in the oral tradition of yoga that he participated in on numerous trips to study in Mysore, India and with teachers in N. America and Europe, his years of practice, and his ongoing self-study of academic research in contemporary and traditional yoga. Dennis HunterMeditation & Yoga Teacher and Trauma Survivor Dennis Hunter is a meditation teacher, author, and yoga instructor. His approach to teaching is interdisciplinary, blending many years of study in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with contemporary yoga and breath work, secular mindfulness, sound healing, and influences from numerous spiritual traditions.He began studying meditation and Buddhist philosophy in 2002 with Shambhala, and in 2004 became a student of the Tibetan Buddhist teacher Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and a founding member of Nalandabodhi New York. From 2009 to 2011 he lived as a Buddhist monk at Gampo Abbey, where he studied and practiced intensively with Pema Chödrön.Dennis has led advanced teacher trainings in Yoga for Trauma and Addiction on behalf of the nonprofit organization Kula for Karma, with which he has worked closely for two years.He is a RYT-200 yoga teacher with a particular focus on teaching meditation, pranayama, Yin yoga, yoga philosophy, sound healing, and somatic practices that bring students into a deep experience of stillness, inner silence, and awareness.He is the author of two books: "The Four Reminders: A Simple Buddhist Guide to Living and Dying Without Regret" (2017) and "You Are Buddha: A Guide to Becoming What You Are" (2014).Dennis is Director of Programming and Marketing for Innergy Meditation, a secular meditation studio in Miami Beach. Kristin Jones  DHSc, LMHC Doctor of Health Science and Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Kristin Jones, DHSc, LMHC, has been practicing psychotherapy for 10 years and is passionate about helping people to live balanced and healthy lives. Dr. Jones is intensively trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and the director of the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program at The Counseling Group, in Miami, Florida. She is specialized in the treatment of eating disorders, borderline personality disorders, trauma, and anxiety disorders. In addition to DBT, Dr. Jones has extensive training in Radically-Open DBT, DBT-Prolonged Exposure for post-traumatic stress disorder, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness. Mind/body development is another specialty of Dr. Jones’, in which she uses her former 12 years of experience teaching yoga, in combination with psychotherapy, to help clients to become more integrated in mind, body, and soul. Nzingah OniwosanEntrepreneur, Consultant, Public Speaker, Artist and Healer Nzingah Oniwosan is a Haitian-American inspirational speaker and holistic health consultant who helps people as an inspirational teacher. As an award winning visual artist, classically trained pianist Nzingah creativity is expressed through custom made jewelry, writing and dance. She has merged her art with healing holistically.In 2005, she founded Sankofa’s Child. The focus is to use the arts as a means to engage, build, inspire, and heal individuals, families, and communities. Her commitment has allowed her to work directly with well over 100,000 children and adults nationally and internationally. The impact of her work has lead to her being asked to speak and lead professional development workshops at national and international conferences. Website:

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