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Because of our current world situation regarding the Covid Pandemic, and the fact that we are in our 6th month of Discord, its time that we learn new ways to process our thoughts, if we haven’t already.

I would like to offer my services FREE OF CHARGE to everyone needing or wanting a, let’s just call it a “Thought Upgrade”. I understand that individual finances are very tight in every household these days, so I’ve chosen to Give!
Below is a little about myself for those who do not know me, and just a few my own proven thought processes that I offer to anyone and everyone wanting to understand more, to gain their own peace, and daily harmony, to get their joy back. I offer this to those of all ages.

For the last 45+ years I have been a serial entrepreneur within 18 different industries, creating and building over 23 corporations. During that time, I have also served as Chairman, Board member, CEO, etc. Throughout my own tenure of life, I have helped others as a corporate and executive advisor, a re-builder through re-imagining businesses to prevent their failure, a mentor, a life coach and athletics coach for youth, adults, and families, a lecturer, panelist, keynote speaker, even a paid expert witness.

I can only reflect and share, that in which I understand. Through my own life experiences I can honestly say that I am Very Grateful every day for all that I do understand, as my journey continues to unfold more each day.
Each morning I know that; “ To keep myself in the present Good, the harmony, and joy of each day, it must be Understood, not just known, within my conscious thought and its process.

My ability is to help others see what they cannot see in their own selves. To help them to learn and understand how to harness their own control of thought expressed. This process becomes theirs forever, to both demonstrate and to share.

I was recently asked, “How can I stay positive in my day when so many negative things are going on around me, and they bring me down, how do I get rid of that feeling?

Within our own mind we each have the ability to determine what stays in our consciousness, and what we delete from our thought. Our thoughts create actions, these actions tend to manifest mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

So, when you delete a negative thought and push it out of your consciousness it simply means that you understand the nothingness of that thought that’s trying to become something to you. You’ve established it as “no thing” at all, having no structure or strength within your own foundation. In this understanding of “its” nothingness, you have already established a new positive thought. In all claims and seeming conditions of your consciousness, the exact opposite thought, which is the positive of that negative, will be the best solution for the situation.

Fear, and all its synonyms, worry, anxiety, fright, trouble, stress, alarm, terror, horror, panic, caution, trepidation, ignorance, non-intelligence, error (defined as the lack of Truth), hatred, destruction, etc. are all just negative thoughts needing to be deleted. This process takes just one simple step to begin, Courage, your courage. Together, fear, and all its synonyms, can be defeated and deleted.

The only definition of darkness I know of, is the “lack of light”, meaning that darkness, (negative thoughts) in and of itself is no-thing, completely undefined, with its only element of illusive existence being that of self-destruction.

This is proved by light (a positive thought) replacing the negative; gained through your strength, demonstrated by your courage, and defined by your understanding. As the positive is realized and known by you, meaning that you have chosen the positive over the negative, then the negative becomes its native and natural “undefined” self, destroying its self, gone, deleted, because it was always nothing, only you made it something.


All of us need to learn to always keep our thought without conflicting positions, from internal questions that seem to cause the conflict. Do not let a negative become something, discard it, and replace it with your thought of knowing the positive opposite! This simple exercise will prove itself to you only if you demonstrate it to your own self. Practically any negative thought will do for your own proof, so until you can learn and understand more, practice the simplicity of replacement.

Set your thought in the direction you have chosen, you control the outcome, whether good, or bad, your actions will reflect the choose you made. Your thought absolutely directs all conditions, and all events that you set in motion.
The important piece to remember is that your own mind set produces the action and has an absolute effect on everyone, and everything around you.

Why do each of us still find an absolute need to seek beyond this individual programming, our own life long conditioning process of cause and effect, with a feeling that we have no control? Most of us realize that there is something greater than ourselves, but we can’t seem to completely define it, or understand it, yet! The more you begin to understand, the more understanding opens up to you.

I am not speaking of any religions, theology’s, etc. Even though for the majority of individuals, that is where this thought of something greater seems to begin. Every theology seems to be the only theology, and taught from the time of our youth. Then, during our growth to “adulthood”, a disappointment sets in, because whichever particular theology followed is based from centuries of human/mortal knowledge, which to date has not satisfied that need. Satisfaction is found in understanding this. The good that is, always is.

Evolution comes from the Elevation of our thought.

Could it be that the negative thoughts generated by each individual have gotten to a place of equaling a majority in the overall consciousness of our being, our humanity, forcing us to look higher in our own thought? This is why we must Understand the Principle of Life. Mathematics and music are based on their principle, as Life is based on its Principle of being.

Maybe we should be asking, where does our thought come from? And, if its our thought, or, did it come from someone in our own past, or things we’ve read, social media, etc. so then, who’s thought is it now? Do we each actually have ANY independent thoughts of our own? One that is truly our own?

The consciousness of mankind is a slippery slope to tread. As an individual, you have a responsibility to keep your thought process in the right direction, if, you so choose, it is your choice. Check this process often, be your own Porter, at the door of your own thought through-out your day. Make sure it remains yours.

Your foundation should be one of good moral intent, of unselfishness, always strive to keep yourself in your rightful place in your thought, and it will express itself naturally to all others that you are in contact with. Daily good is the majority of all thought, as long as we all keep it as the majority. It is your support, supplying all that you would need, just by correctly knowing it, understanding it, will produce it.

I hope you can join me in the statement of understanding that all you need is right where you are, because each one of you has the ability to be the best of your own self. Don’t you think it’s time to learn how, and answer the who, what, and why within yourself? It is up to you!

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