Animal Hero Kids Summit & Celebration November 2, 2019

Animal Hero Kids Summit & Celebration November 2, 2019

Event Date: 2019-11-02 18:30:00


Animal Hero Kids, the Kindness Education Youth Empowering Charity Summit Saturday, November 2, 2019 6:30 PM Attending the Summit is free for everyone.  Animal Hero Kids founder, 40 year veteran activist/educator, Susan Hargreaves and Animal Hero Kids and teens from around the world empower and unite youth. 12 noon -The free summit event will enable kids and teens to tell each other how they are effectively helping other animals in their own community. The event is free to youth, educators and parents and is hosted by Balance for Life.  6:30pm – The evening recognition and celebration segment will be a ticketed event with scrumptious vegan fare. Sponsors are encouraged to review and email If you wish to nominate a compassionate child or teen, an individual or a group, for an Animal Hero award, please, nominate on Animal Hero Kids, Teens Speak Up, Globally. "In my work as Animal Hero Kids founder, speaker and educator, I am fortunate enough to meet compassionate and courageous youth everywhere I travel. I am constantly hearing about animal hero kids and teens who are speaking up in their own communities.  The cornerstones of Animal Hero Kids mission is to educate, empower, activate and recognize youth, globally. Here are the words of one Animal Hero Kids Paul McCartney Young Veg Advocate award winner and one of the special guests at the event. Aiyana, began her activism at 11 years of age after she and her mum learned at the same time about how other animals are really treated."  Like all of the Animal Hero Kids and Teens I meet, Aiyana, doesn't let her age hold her back from boldly being active for other animals not to be harmed. Here’s her message in her own words. ‘’ I speak for animals and advocate for liberation because they deserve the respect and justice humans deny them. You are never too young or old to show compassion. Your age has nothing to do with kindness in your heart. We can always learn for ourselves, we can always strive to do better and help others. Age is but a number. If you have a voice use it. The animals need your help, if you were in their position, you wouldn’t care how, you woud just want to be saved, you wouldn’t care who saved you, you would just want to be saved by someone. One person can save a life, it only takes one person to inspire change. Every time you choose the vegan cookie or shampoo or shoes, you are helping because you are showing companies, family and friends that you don’t support exploitation and they will think and change, too. ‘’ It is precisely this type of heroism which helps fuel my 40 year -so far- quest to help other animals. The far reaching phenomenon of a message resounding around the earth, youth saying just because it’s always been done this way doesn’t mean we have to keep on harming animals, the planet and ultimately, ourselves.  Join us for the largest gathering to date of Animal Hero Kids and Teens, a union of the youth who are featured in “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless “  if you crave hope, if you wish to be inspired…..don’t miss this. Susan Hargreaves Founder/Author

Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort
2096 Northeast 2nd Street
Deerfield Beach
United States

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