La Perle de Miami: Vodou Tour

La Perle de Miami: Vodou Tour

Event Date: 2019-11-09 14:00:00


With support from the Green Family Foundation and the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, Tap Tap Tours presents the La Perle de Miami: Vodou Tour.  Shrouded in mystery and secrecy – and often misrepresented by popular culture and Hollywood depictions – Vodou has long held reign in Haiti's legends, folklore, and history. The spirituality has been hidden among the slaves of the 1700s, popularized and commercialized in the nineteenth century, and still functions as a way of life in the modern day neighborhood.  But how do you separate the facts from so much fiction, rumors, and superstitions?  Join Tap Tap Tours as we seek to illuminate one of Little Haiti's most unique subcultures. From its roots in West Africa to the modern day places of worship inside Little Haiti, we will explore the history, culture, and beliefs of both historic and current practitioners.  Along the way, our guide will explain the truth behind the more popular superstitions and the meaning within some of the stranger rituals.  The tour ends with a stop inside one of the Botanica stores and a chance to pick up some Little Haiti keepsakes to take home!  Sights, people, and topics we cover on the Little Haiti Vodou Tour include:  Caribbean Marketplace  Slavery and the Bwa Kaiman  The Haitian Rebellions  Amelia Ingrid Llera, Haitian Vodou Manbo  Veve Saint John’s Eve and other Vodou holidays  Depictions of Vodou in Hollywood popular culture Depictions of Vodou in Little Haiti culture Vodou ceremonies and other modern temples and much more….         Tour information Reservations: REQUIRED.  When: 2pm on Saturday, November 9th, 2019    Where: The tour begins from outside the Caribbean Marketplace at 5925 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137  Duration: Approximately 2 hours.   Cost: $40  Contact: 786-222-4735 or INCLUSIONS– Admission ticket Local guide Bus tour     EXCLUSIONS— Gratuities (recommended) Drinks

Caribbean Marketplace
5925 NE 2nd Ave
33137 Miami
United States

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