Vision Board

Vision Board

Event Date: 2019-11-10 14:30:00


2020 is the year of vision, clarity and focus. Put yourself in position in 2019 so by 2020 you know the exact vision for your  lifestyle. Your purpose to Life matters; don’t sleep on your potential. November 10th 2019 we will map out our next season. Expand our vision and don’t down play ourselves. 2020 We will nolonger be knocking on doors we will be unlocking our potential,passion,and purpose. This event will be for women to create the HIGHEST GRANDEST vision possible for 2020. What’s a vision board? A powerful way to manifest your life desire;everyday Visioning the lifestyle you’re working towards cutting out of magazine, newspapers, finding quotes, colorful pens to brighten your broad, prayer stripto, much more… putting your actions into a schedule  planning your dreams,needs desires and ideas Why is planning your future important? Planning boost the efficiency of your life. It puts you in the right direction. Just maintain good control, it helps to achieve the objective of organization Aim to achieve the goal  concentrating your efforts is the most important job, so you’re available to minimize steps and eliminate unproductive effort. what’s  happening at this event? On Nov 10, 2019 at Smallcakes NewTampa. We will have all materials to create your Vision for 2020. This is a formal woman’s meet. Filled with inspiration, laughter, hugs, and motivation. Speakers (Realtors,Mental Health therapis,Travel Agent,and Hairstylis) Food,drinks, and nice music.

17010 Palm Pointe Dr
17010 Palm Pointe Drive
United States

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