Eric Ginsburg’s Fridge Art Fair Miami “Fridge Farewell World Victory Tour”

Eric Ginsburg’s Fridge Art Fair Miami “Fridge Farewell World Victory Tour”

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For Immediate Release: New York, NY, October 02, 2019   Eric Ginsburg's Fridge Art Fair Miami "The Fridge Farewell Victory World Tour” Salutes Baltimore" Miami Art Week Dec. 4 – 7 2019. ​   Eric Ginsburg’s Fridge Art Fair is pleased to announce its return to Miami this December in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art Week with “Eric Ginsburg’s Fridge Art Fair Farewell Victory Tour.” Fridge heads to the historical, glamorous, elegant tropical paradise art-centric Downtown Miami and its landmark Eurostar's Langford Hotel.As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. In his last hurrah artist Eric Ginsburg and Fridge Art Fair Founder has decided to pay homage to the city of Baltimore in his final "Farewell Tour.”Renowned artist Eric Ginsburg ( and Fridge Art Fair founder returns as the Fair’s Director and Lead Visionary curator after a year sabbatical from Fridge Art Fair to explore the concept and illusion of living as legendary director and artist John Waters ( pet Siberian Husky, named “ Aqua Net” in the United States of America's 26th largest city, Baltimore. Maryland.In Eric's own words, “While I was physically present and living in Manhattan, I spent the last year on sabbatical exploring the notion of living as 'Aqua Net,' the pet Siberian Husky of legendary director and artist John Waters. I vividly remember Mr. Waters taking me on luxurious long walks in Baltimore's Hampden neighborhood. I especially cherished the times when Sir. John would put on my favorite outfit, magically transforming me into a Pink Flamingo. Existing as 'Aqua Net' was a complete out-of-body experience and one of truly divine pooch pampering.”Ginsburg was rescued out of his Manhattan Bathtub by Dahk Peet ( been energized and re-invigorated by his sabbatical experience, Eric has decided to return one last time. Just as all Legends do, Eric and the Fridge Art Fair team plan on displaying their magic in one final dazzling performance.Eric and the Fridge Art Fair team believe that the "Farewell Tour" will exceed all possible expectations and will go down in history as the standard by which all future Art Fairs will be judged.​Fridge is pleased to announce special guest curator Victor Pedelty ( His curatorial stills are unmatched as his experience as a visual artist transcends into his unique vision of design and special relations.​Welcome to what might be your final chance to fit into the fridge! Shake hands with Oatmeal-The-Panda, Hug Sir Pug-A-Lot, High-Five Popsicle the French Bulldog and celebrate Charm City home of Babe Ruth, The Star-Spangled Banner, Ginsburg’s Master John Waters, David Hasselhoff, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kathie Lee Gilford.​​Welcome to Eric Ginsburg's Fridge Art Fair and "The Fridge Art fair Farewell Victory World Tour"1st World Tour Stop Miami Florida.  Location: ​ Eurostar’s Langford Hotel ( 121 SE 1st St. Miami, FL 33131 ​ Fridge is located on the 2nd floor (Sky Level). ​ ​Dates – Events – Hours ​   VIP/Press Preview Wednesday, December 5- 7pm For Ticketing/RSVP information please go to ​ ​ ​Grand Gala Ball Fridge Farewell Victory World Tour Grand Gala in honor of Baltimore, MD. Wednesday, December 4: 6pm-12pm For Ticketing/RSVP information please go to . The Fridge Farewell Tour Grand Gala Celebration and awards ceremony, hosted by Miami’s own “Battle-funk” featuring Oatmeal the Panda, Sir Pug-a-lot, special guest from the City of Baltimore, MD.  ​ The Grand Gala will be held at both Bloom Sky Bar ( on the P.H. (Penthouse Level) and the 2nd floor (Sky Level) at Eurostar’s Langford Hotel.     Fair Dates and hours (Open voor het Publiek)   Thursday Dec 5, 2019 from 11:47 am-7:59 pm   Friday Dec 6, 2019 from 11:47 am-7:59 pm   Saturday Dec 7, from 11:47 am-7:59 pm   (Special surprise events daily!!!) ​ For Ticketing/RSVP information please go to ​   Fridge Art Fair: Fridge Art Fair was born in 2013 on New York's Lower East Side. Fridge Art Fair is the boutique, soft sell, dog-friendly satellite fair dubbed by Art info as "the baby who has refused to obey orders to stand outside the door while the adults confabulate inside." (Art-Info)   Eric Ginsburg: Fridge Art Fair Founder and Artist Eric Ginsburg ( is best known for  the soulful and painterly qualities of his expressionistic dog and cat portraits. Ginsburg credits his success to patron and friend Sol LeWitt, who commissioned works and served as a mentor, along with William Wegman, who served both as Eric's "pen pal" and as a "kind of a hero." Ginsburg's works are found in public & private collections around the world including: Herb & Dorothy Vogel Collection of the National Gallery of Art, Corrie ten Boom Museum (Netherlands), The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Cartin Collection, Cindy Sherman, Fred Dorfman, William Wegman, Agnes Gund, Paula Cooper, and the LeWitt Collection.  ​​ Victor Pedelty: ​Pedelty is a self-taught contemporary artist who is interested in exploring the process of creating abstraction. This process is completely intuitive and random. He starts a painting with no idea of what the end result will be and allows the momentum of creative energy to complete the picture. In trusting this exploration, he gives the work room to go in any and every direction, while building and destroying any sense of meaning. The themes throughout his work are the construction and destruction of environmental and emotional landscapes. It's the impression of ideas, places, memories half realized and then changed, altered, Forgotten or destroyed completely. The work gives the viewer something of an idea or feeling and then he subverts the work with a random and overwhelming energy and passion. This energy often evokes the feelings of love and anger. It's the result of subconscious abandonment that the artist unleashes on the work without restraint.  He is in public and private collections throughout the world.  Victor is based in Minneapolis Minnesota ​​ Cara Hunter: ​We are pleased to announce the return of Ms. Hunter as director of Relationships and Personnel.    Eurostar’s Langford Hotel:  A new benchmark for the city scene, Eurostar’s Langford Hotel ( is housed in a historic building from 1925. This jewel of Beaux Arts architecture has been completely reinvented to offer an essential accommodation for a new generation of travelers in search of sophistication. The hotel's eclectic design brings together a singular blend of styles that, yet different, have been carefully chosen to create one of their own that reflects the hotel's history and influences all over the years. An exhibition dedicated to the energetic and timeless beauty of Miami and its most iconic neighborhoods presides over each floor, making the Eurostar’s Langford more than a hotel- a window into the life of a fascinating city.   Bloom SkyBar: In a building with history and completely up to writing its own. The Eurostar’s Langford concentrates the original and bold essence of the most modern Miami in all its spaces. This same essence is what inspires all the details that make Bloom Skybar the new it-place in the city. Located at the top of the hotel, the Bloom Skybar invites us to let Miami’s suggestive rhythm carry us away from a rooftop bar where you won’t miss the best music, delicious cocktails and the most exclusive parties. Sophisticated and daring, it presents a carefully decorated space that perfectly frames the stunning views of Downtown Miami. There is no better place to enjoy the varied proposal of events and parties that will be held Monday to Sunday and that will offer a new way of living Miami’s essence.      Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore, a bustling city built on tradition and civic pride, is an American success story.  Baltimore – the colorful, diverse city that is Maryland's largest city and economic hub, is known for its beautiful harbor; quirky, distinct neighborhoods; unique museums and the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital to the east and the University of Maryland Medical Center to the west. With the rich history the city boasts however, it's amazing that Baltimore hasn't been deemed one of America's greatest historical destinations.     Contact: Eric Ginsburg

Eurostars Langford Hotel Miami
121 Southeast 1st Street
United States

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