Resolve Stress and Anxiety and Achieve Success with Private Hypnosis Sessions

Resolve Stress and Anxiety and Achieve Success with Private Hypnosis Sessions

Event Date: 2019-11-07 14:00:00


Through a hypnosis session, you gain the capacity to access parts of your subconscious mind that would otherwise not be available to you in your daily awake state. Through a gentle and extremely relaxing process, we help you enter your own 'operating system' where you can then re-program your subconscious mind with positive and constructive beliefs and perspectives about yourself and your life in order to better support your intentions and goals in life. We design each hypnosis session to perfectly fit your needs and personal preferences in the moment and to help you learn how to achieve this level of deep relaxation on your own so that you can empower yourself to change your subconscious programs and become more relaxed and aware in every moment of the day. Our hypnotic process is safe and highly effective and is reinforced by tailored practical self-hypnosis exercises you can do at home in order to increase the effectiveness of your results exponentially. The benefits of an hypnosis sessions include: * greater levels of inner peace and relaxation * reduction in stress, worry, and anxiety * a deeper sense of ease and flow in your life * increases self-confidence and self-worth * improved performance (professional, communication, sales, sports, etc.) * increased memory, concentration, and focus * greater physical, mental, and emotional health * healing of addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, etc.) * achieving and maintain your ideal weight * more harmonious relationships * attracting a partner or soulmate * achieving career success and releasing self-sabotage and procrastination * attracting greater levels of abundance and wealth * clearing and releasing the influence of past traumas, PTSD, etc. * releasing fears and limiting beliefs of all kinds * access to spiritual guidance and wisdom and your higher self * greater intuition and psychic abilities * and more Dexter and Alessandrina, your facilitators, are both Spiritual Teachers, Life Coaches, and Healers.  Dexter and Alessandrina are also Consulting Hypnotists certified by the world-renowned National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)  and by acclaimed Psychiatrist and Past Life Regression Therapist, Dr. Brian Weiss.  They work with people, both individually and in groups, in order to help them clear and release the blocks and obstacles to achieving their most meaningful intentions and goals. This booking is for a 1 h Hypnosis session. To schedule a private hypnosis session on another day or time than the ones available on Eventbrite, for questions or special requests, call or text us at 786 308 9552, or email us at To find out more about us and our credentials, visit: For more private events or group workshops, visit: We look forward to helping you clear, heal, and release any and all obstacles and non-optimal subconscious program currently preventing you from living your highest potential in life. With love, DNA

Dexter and Alessandrina
South West 59th Ave
United States

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